Cloud Management for Manufacturers, OEMs & Carriers

Offer your customers cloud-managed WiFi, guest access and more.

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Fully White-Label

Customise everything for your customers and integrate with your existing systems. Offer cloud-managed WiFi as a value added service.

Peace of Mind

enefit from 24/7 support & remote monitoring. Why build your own platform when we've already built it for you?

Firmware Management

Automated, over-the-air-upgrades for all your WiFi devices. Centralised firmware management portal with built-in failure detection prevents nasty surprises.

Branding & Customisation

Segment your customers into different projects and brands. Offer bespoke user limits and quotas. Customise everything!

Firmware Development

Offload the burden of firmware development. Offer bespoke boards and routers to your customers without the maintenance worry.

OpenWRT & LEDE Friendly

Built on top of standard firmwares, CT WiFi will run on your devices out of the box. It works on over 1,200 already!

Rapid Platform Deployment

Your fleet could be up and running in days. Don't waste time building and testing - we've already built it all for you.