WiFi for Resellers & System Integrators

Manage all your WiFi networks from a single-dashboard. Save time and earn more money.

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Dedicated Reseller Plan

Pay only $1.00 per month* per AP on the reseller plan! There's a one-off charge of $500 to access the platform and reseller features.

Fully White-Label

Customise everything for your customers and integrate with your existing systems. Offer cloud-managed WiFi as a value added service.

Enterpise Grade Features on Commodity Hardware

Get the most useful features possible out of your hardware. Don't settle for vendor limitations.

Branding & Customisation

Segment your customers into different projects and brands. Offer bespoke user limits and quotas. Customise everything!

Multiple Locations

Easily organise and manage multiple sites. Set up unique networks, splash pages and restrictions to meet specific needs.

Splash Pages & Guest Access

Fully customisable mobile-friendly splash pages. Offer social logins, vouchers, clickthrough, and more options for access.

Monetise Your WiFi

Generate revenue from your public WiFi. Offer paid WiFi access, with no additional fees!

* Up to 25 APs - $2.50 p/m per AP. Up to 50 APs - $2.00 p/m per AP. Up to 100 APs - $1.50 p/m per AP. Over 250 APs - you pay just $1. Also available in £ and €